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Official Promotion Planet Rules

Post by ADMIN on Sat Mar 13, 2010 4:48 pm

Posting Rules
• All posts must be in English.
• You may not post on behalf of a suspended or banned member without the Owner's permission.
• Spamming of any kind is not allowed.
• Racial or hateful remarks and any other form of attack or harassment is not tolerated.
• Adult material, whether nudity or violence is not accepted.
• Discussion/sharing of illegal activity/content such as drugs or copyrighted material is not allowed.
• You can advertise as many web addresses as you like but they must NOT be the same.
• Trash talking about a forum is not allowed here. It will result you in a immediate suspension from the forum.
• Advertising your forum or site in wrong sections is not allowed.
• You can only bump your topic every 24 hours.
• Trolling *see description here:* is not allowed.

• No vulgarities in any form should be in your avatar or signature.
• Don't use any inappropriate or over sized images in your avatar or signature.
• No inappropriate images should be in your avatar or signature.

Account Info
• All members may register one account only.
• Only one person may use your account in the forums.
• Multiple accounts of the same person without the owner's permission will be deleted without notice, and your main account will be banned.
• Please be aware that at Admin/Mod may edit, change, or even delete your account.

General Guidelines
• This is a advertising forum.
• You can advertise here at anytime.
• If you want to advertise your forum/website, it must not contain any copyrighted, adult, or any other illegal material. If it does contain such material, the link to your site will be removed, your topic shall be locked, and you will recieve an Official Warning.
• Members can ask for help via PM, but no illegal activities allowed.
• You must post 10 comments in the forum before you use the advertising section.

Chatbox Rules
• Cursing is NEVER allowed in the chatbox (or anywhere on the site).
• No harassing, insulting, or degarding comments.
• You are not allowed to post a link to an external source unless a member specifically requests one from you.
• No advertising in the chatbox.

• Spamming of any kind - Official Warnig
• Vulgarities Of Any Kind (harrasmen, personal insults, etc.) - Official Warning
• Inappropriate Discussions - Official Warning
• Bumping Topic In Less Than 24 Hours More Than Once - Official Warning
• Advertising In Wrong Sections - Official Warning
• Advertising before you have 10 posts - Official Warning
• Showing disrespect to staff members - Official Warning + 24 hour ban
• Speaking bad about the Forum in any way - Immediate Ban
• Multiple Accounts - Immediate Ban
• Promoting of same URL in more than one topic - Official Warning
• Swearing - Official Warning
• Chatbox rules violation - Official Warning + Chatbox Ban for a pre-determined period of time.

Moderator/Administrator Discretion
• If you act in a way that an Admin/Mod believes is inappropriate (even though it may not violate any of these rules) you may still be punished.
• If you have a problem with an action(s) an Admin or Mod has taken, DO NOT say anything in the forums. PM an Owner with any and all complaints.
• The decisions of the Owners are FINAL!
• If you complain about any staff member's decision in the forums or the chatbox, you will be banned for 1 week.

Rules are subject to change at any time for any reason!

If a staff member violates any of these rules, he/she may be fired from his/her position. NOTE: If you are fired from the Staff for breaking the rules, you will NEVER be given a staff position again.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact one of the Owners.

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