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Post by ADMIN on Wed Mar 17, 2010 7:44 pm

Note: Guide straight from ForuMansion, by Basix.

What are packages?
A frequently asked question. Packages are post boosts that are given to your forum. Depending on what type of package, the number of posts vary from a little amount to a big boost to get your forum well on the way of being active.

How does the process work?
The process works by a packager "Tagging" your package request. By doing so, your topic title will receive a "Tagged" icon next to it. It looks like this:

After they have "Tagged" your package, they will begin the package when they are ready to do so. During this time, your topic title will receive an "In Process" icon next to it. It looks like this:

When they are finished with your package, they will post a summary of what they did and may post a closing message. When your package is complete, a packager will move your topic into "Awaiting Credits" in which an administrator such as me will come and deduct your credits for the package. The "Completed" icon looks like this:

If your package has been rejected your topic title will have the "Rejected" icon next to it. It looks like this:

Some Reminders
If you have admin activation on your forum, you must activate the packager within 48 hours or your package will be refused. Also, the Package team has the right to refuse your request if he/she feels that your forum is too active and doesn't need a package or for any other given reason.

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