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AnimatorX - For Everyone!

Post by Wipper179 on Thu Mar 18, 2010 2:32 pm

About the site:

The site is for animators, graphics designers, arty people and generally anyone else that wants to have a bit of fun Smile There are many different forums for specific aspects of peoples interests. For example, there is an animation category for everthing based around animation, many graphics and art sections to suit any designers needs plus the advantage of being able to upload your works directly to the forum through the upload feature below the main posting box. Moreover, for those of you who just want to relax, there is a general chat section where you can post anything you like really! from your favourite food to what your doing at the weekend, its always nice to find out about others.

For the animators among us there is a whole category based on animation, considering the forum is mainly for animators and graphic designers. There is a forum where you can post all animations that you dont want to be ranked on, forums for posting animations you do. A section for sharing pivot stks and sprites for those who use pivot 3 or 4. Moreover there is a tutorials section where users can post tutorials to help others improve there animation skill.

Overall, the forum is for anyone who wants to share there art work or animations, or, simply just wants a chat with other people online, theres never nothing, from posting around in the many forums provided to chatting in the xat chatbox at the bottom of the forum, there is always something to do!

There is now also an arcade added where you can play flash games + rate and comment on them!

So want to join?

If you want to join then just use this link:

Then just click the register button as you would on any site! if you have any issues just post them in the help forum or send a pm to me wipper179.

Hope You Join!
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Re: AnimatorX - For Everyone!

Post by gasol_the_great on Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:15 am


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