New rank, rank style and important group announcement!

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New rank, rank style and important group announcement!

Post by Joel on Wed Jun 23, 2010 9:40 pm

We have just got one step better! Another great feature we just added! Continue the great suggestions your offer, we hear them, we like them, we add them!

If you're a staff here, or have achieved more than 150 posts, or you're a ex staff, there should be colors below your username after every post you make! So now its much more exciting! More colors to the forum

We also have a new rank added! Introducing..Advertise Hotspot's Pro Member rank!

The newest rank of them all! If you have posted 500 posts, you'll achieve this rank! So start posting to achieve this rank!

The Active Posters group we once had have been deleted. In order not to abuse the groups, we'll only use groups for Staff and Ex Staff. But you'll still have the rank, but your username color wont be changed.

Thank you!

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